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Hillsong Kids Online

Join the Hillsong UK Kids Team for Bible stories, prayer, fun games, songs and crafts all designed to help children build a foundation of Fatih.

  • Saturday 1PM
Smile TV

Jovis Bon Hovis

A fun, vibrant and exciting show full of comedy, drama and colour. Encourage young children to engage with God in a way that they can understand and is relevant to them.

  • Saturday 12PM
Smile TV

Sarah's Stories

Educational children's books, songs and crafts. It Educates and informs children ages 4-11

  • Saturday 12:30PM
Smile TV


Chris disobeys his father by sneaking into the Quantum lab, he has an accident and doesn't know what he'll say to his father. SUPERBOOK intervenes and takes our three heroes on a journey to witness a blistering heavenly battle.

  • Saturday 1:30PM (Repeat)

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